J. Walsh | The Woodlands, TX

I met Tracie when I was in a program geared for helping human trafficking survivors heal from their traumas. I had been branded by one of my traffickers and wanted desperately to have the brands removed. Every time I would look at myself, all I would see were these brands, reminding me that I had once been owned by my traffickers. Whenever I would feel as if I were finally healing, there would be my brands, staring me in the face for the rest of the world to see. I would never be able to truly heal and move past my traumas with such stark reminders.

At my first appointment with Tracie at Body Restore, I began the process of truly healing. Tracie was the most welcoming woman with such a warm smile and plenty of bear hugs! I immediately felt at ease with her, safe, and loved. I felt cherished by her as if I mattered. She recognized me for me, and not as somebody else’s property.

I love going to my brand removal sessions because not only does Tracie help remove my brands on the outside, but she helps remove them on the inside. She talks to me, mentors me, and most importantly, she listens to me without casting judgments or labels.

I love Tracie and I am so appreciative of Body Restore and how greatly she has positively impacted my life! Before I met Tracie, I knew mentally that my trafficker didn’t own me anymore, but I still felt as if he did because I still had his brands on me. I am almost done with the brand removal process, and I can happily say that I know I am not anyone’s property anymore. I am a daughter of Christ and I am my own person! I am finally free!

Thank you, Tracie. For all you do at Body Restore! You have changed my life! You have helped me in countless ways and continue to help me grow from a human trafficking victim into a beautiful and courageous survivor! I love you!