My name is Tracie Mann. I am often asked why I do the things I do. Having worked in this sad arena for almost 10 years, I can honestly say I would not have walked down this road had I known what it would hold for me. Yet I have walked this road and I have learned much. My eyes are filled with images I will never be able to forget. Such sadness and despair. Such hope and happiness when change comes. My ears are filled with sobs and tears. Both tears of sorrow and despair and tears of relief. I learned as I walked in this dark world, that despair can be overpowering. Yet I also learned that one can not shine a light for another without brightening their own path.

I have hugged children that have been left confused and without hope. I have had little ones die in my arms. I have listened to some’s stories of horror and abuse. I have witnessed a transformation. I have watched lives changed when hope was offered and they knew someone cared.

This journey started with work against a child pornography ring. Seeing the damage that was done to such small children and not understanding why they weren’t healing once freed. I quickly learned their physical reminders were holding them captive just as their tormentors did. Rehabilitation comes in many forms.

It became my life’s work to remove these marks, to allow the children to break their chains of bondage, to allow them to heal. No longer bound to a past of Human Trafficking, Sex Slavery, and Gang Violence. I started with one small location just north of Houston Texas. Eventually opening a second and secured location in the heart of the city. Working around the clock to help as many children as possible. Becoming affiliated with several ‘Safe Houses’ and Anti-abuse organizations to broaden our reach. Working with law enforcement and various government agencies with victims directly and pushing for changes needed in our laws and procedures.

It is my hope and prayer that you will join this fight with me. I have personally funded my work till now and am 100% vested with time, blood and passion for the cause. We need your financial support to establish additional secured locations in other major cities. Human trafficking is very real and its happening in our neighborhoods, our communities and our cities. It is not limited by age, color or religion.

Please help us continue the work we do. Superheroes save lives, but they don’t wear red capes! They wear blue jeans and T-Shirts.

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