This journey started with work against a child pornography ring.  Seeing the damage that was done to such small children and not understanding why they weren’t healing once freed.  I quickly learned their physical reminders were holding them captive just as their tormentors did.  Rehabilitation comes in many forms.

It became my life’s work to remove these marks, to allow the children to break their chains of bondage, to allow them to heal. No longer bound to a past of Human Trafficking, Sex Slavery, and Gang Violence. I started with one small location just north of Houston Texas.  Eventually opening a second and secured location in the heart of the city. Working around the clock to help as many children as possible. Becoming affiliated with several ‘Safe Houses’ and Anti-abuse organizations to broaden our reach. Working with law enforcement and various government agencies with victims directly and pushing for changes needed in our laws and procedures.

The Phoenix Charity goes beyond providing a fresh start through tattoo removal…we provide a blank page on which a new life is written.  The Phoenix Charity provides childhood lessons victims never had a chance to learn.  The healing process demands the same uniqueness as the individual and their story.  Through community support and involvement, The Phoenix Charity facilitates healing by teaching the life skills needed to move forward and rise from the ashes of darkness once called life.